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An integrative style of NLP Coaching 

If you have the will and desire to change, then you will! It is you that has the power to create this transformation drawing upon what is already within you and resources that you have access to.

NLP is a model of therapeutic excellence. It can be a very practical method of helping clients rapidly achieve positive change through language, behaviour & thoughts. This change is done conversationally and works both consciously and unconsciously. In essence what each part stands for is:

Neuro – How we choose to view & see the world
Linguistic – The internal dialogue and external language we use
Programming – The behaviours we exhibit

NLP creates remarkable results by using ‘how’ your brain constructs thoughts to faciliate deep change. I guide you through this change using a combination proven Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, BWRT & The Havening Techniques,  to work with your conscious and influential unconscious mind. This creates long lasting, profound changes that will enable you to break free from your perceived limitations and transform your future.

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