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Trauma healing

Extreme traumatic experiences in our lives can have life-changing negative effects; leaving us feeling vulnerable, isolated, and anxious with low self-esteem, leading to negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions that can be linked to a more recent cause.


During a Trauma Healing Session (THS) I gently guide you to the causative event using a combination of effective techniques during which you do not have to re-experience the associated emotions of the issue. From here, I’ll help you gain new perspectives and insights of the situation creating new choices and ways of being.


I can then assist you to release any remaining negative emotions, that is… only if they’re not already gone! Feedback is that people notice this has a domino effect on a lot of other areas of their life, creating long-lasting positive changes and new opportunities they had only dreamt of.


Please note these one-off Trauma Healing Sessions are not suitable for anyone suffering from the debilitating symptoms of a more complex trauma history. You will be required to complete a client history intake form to determine suitability for the session. Further top-up sessions may be required

Here’s what’s included in a Trauma Healing Session:

  • 90-minute (in-person/online) Trauma Healing Session

  • 30-minute Online Integration Session (1 week post THS)

Interested?  Schedule your free 15min Consultation call using the link below.  

(Doing the free call does not commit you to any of our treatments)

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