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Hi, I'm Karen 

Ten years back, on a regular day in my life of miserable matrimony and the crushing weight of a failing business during the recession, I found myself stirring a pot of risotto in the kitchen. In a sudden burst, I blurted out to my then-husband, "I can't do this anymore." That was the beginning of the end, the end of a decade trapped in a loveless marriage, sixteen years slogging away at a business I had lost all passion for, and a whole lifetime of people pleasing, all while believing I wasn't good enough. Thirty-six years just surviving, with a nagging question surfacing—was this even worth it anymore?

Back then, I had no clue about the storms looming ahead, and maybe that's a good thing. Because if I had, I'm not sure I would've had the guts to face them willingly. Those five words I uttered set off a chain reaction, crumbling the world I knew and leaving me stranded in a pool of self-pity and bitterness. Betrayed by so-called friends, pushed around by my ex, and robbed of any sense of purpose or drive for the future, I started wondering if this was all life had in store for me. Was this as good as it gets?

And then, in the midst of this chaos, a jarring thought hit me square in the chest —


"Karen, what do you even enjoy about playing the victim in this story?"


Ouch. It struck hard. I realized I had become comfortable in that role, finding solace in the false security that remaining victim provided me with, reassuring me I would be seen and taken care of. The part of me that believed I was never enough was petrified of standing on my own two feet and taking charge of my happiness. That victim narrative had become my shield, protecting me from the terrifying prospect of taking responsibility for my own life.

It wasn't easy to stomach this harsh reality, but it was the necessary wake-up call, the first step towards breaking free from the suffocating misery that had held me down for so long.


So I began a deep inner journey, delving into the depths of my being in search of the true essence I had long neglected. I unearthed my innate sensitivity, a gift that I had once perceived as a curse. This newfound understanding transformed it into my greatest ally—a unique ability to perceive the world at a profound level. My intuition, once overshadowed by doubt, now guided me to the people and teachings that fostered a fresh, heart-led trust in myself.

Naturally, this personal metamorphosis had a monumental impact on my life, compelling me to share my newfound wisdom with others. "More people need to know about this!" I became immersed in a ten-year journey, dedicating myself to trauma-informed certifications in various somatic-based healing modalities. My private practice flourished, and I even found and married the love of my life. Life had never felt more fulfilling—until, without warning, everything changed.



This wasn't exactly a sudden turn of events. Unexplained, persistent pain and symptoms had haunted me since childhood, but I had become adept at dismissing them as mere figments of my imagination. "It's all in my head, I'm overreacting," I would tell myself, suppressing the signals my body was desperately trying to send. Then, just one month after my wedding day, I found myself confined to a hospital bed, unable to move and relying on a morphine drip to dull the relentless agony.

For four long months, I wallowed in self-pity, praying fervently for the pain to disappear. But then, my intuition resurfaced, prodding me with that familiar question: "What is it that you enjoy so much about remaining the victim in this story?" This time, I was prepared. I knew it was time to reclaim control over my healing journey. I embarked on deep 10-day psychosomatic retreat in Portugal, delving deep into my being. I ventured into the realms of plant medicine, connecting with my ancestors and unearthing the deep-seated trauma they had passed on to me. I meditated, screamed, cried, and laughed. I moved, I danced, and I expanded my capacity to embrace intense states of pleasure and joy. Through this process, I discovered the transformative power of emotional alchemy, turning that which I feared most, into my greatest strength.

And now, as I stand here—a woman unshackled, empowered, and intimately connected with my essence—I extend my hand to you. I have traversed the depths of my being and found profound self-awareness, and I am here to illuminate your path on your journey of self-discovery and healing.


With boundless love and unwavering authenticity, I am committed to supporting you in becoming the liberated and embodied individual you are destined to be. To discover the depths of your being, to unravel the pain in your present, uncover the wounds from your past, and transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. You are your own best therapist, and from the depths of my heart, I aspire to guide you in this journey.

Thank you for being here with me.

Karen x

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