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The Havening Techniques®

Let me introduce you to The Havening Techniques - A ground breaking new healing  modality based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience. 

Havening is a psychosensory therapy which uses touch and sensory stimulus to positively influence our brain chemistry. Grounded deep in neuroscience, Havening cuts to the core of our suffering by permanently de linking the emotional and physical residue of encoded trauma , bringing about a true resettling of our nervous system. 

“The opportunity to witness the change that occurs as a result of Havening,  is a wonder and a privilege to behold. As a certified Practioner,  I am able to help people to not just "cover up" or "manage" their symptoms but to really clear it at the root so that it never comes back.”

What types of problems does Havening Techniques® address?

•    Abandonment
•    Anger
•    Anxiety
•    Chronic pain
•    Cravings
•    Distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment etc.) Victims of natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, etc. ) and man-made (war, fire, assault, home intrusion etc. ) events
•    Emotional eating
•    Fears
•    Grief
•    Panic Attacks
•    Phobias
•    PTSD
•    Trauma
•    Weight issues
•    And many other problems

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