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My Approach

Fueled by growth and inspiration, I take those who work with me on a journey into the deepest aspects of themselves. Guided by my intuition and wisdom, I have the ability to clearly see the individual I am with and call upon the most impactful tools for that person's personal growth.

My personal journey into the depths of my own mind, emotions, and soul has enabled me to discover patterns, rhythms, imprints that are within us all.


My sharing comes from a place of experience, my learnings come from a place of practice and my compassion comes from my own understanding of pain and transformation.  

Looking at the person as "a whole", giving a full and thorough consultation,  I am adept at gently teasing out the root cause of peoples afflictions.

Using a range of tools to help create a deep and lasting transformation in your life, my whole brain approach to healing encompasses cutting-edge neuroscience with the ancient practice of meditation & mindfulness.

"A joy to be with, and a powerful therapist that will genuinely transform your world. She's one of the very few that understands how your uniqueness is so vitally important"

If you are not sure that my approach is completely right for you, then email or phone me 07736643362, I offer a free 15 mins no obligation consultation, which is a good opportunity to ask plenty of questions and get to know me a little better.


  • Certified Havening Techniques ® Practioner

  • Polyvagal Theory Informed Therapist

  • Qualified BWRT ® Therapist Member

  • Member of BBRS (British Brainworking Research Society)

  • Qualified NLP Practitioner 

  • Wholeness & Core Transformation Coach

  • Licensed Massage Therapist


How Can i help you A-z

 I will share with you some of the most common issues that I work with, but please give me a call to discuss if you do not find what you are looking for on this list.

Solutions for:

•    Addictions
•    Anger and resentment
•    Anxiety 
•    Breakthrough Sessions
•    Depression and Low mood
•    Exam Nerves
•    Grief
•    Guilt
•    Insomnia and other sleep problems

•    Interviews
•    Life changes, purpose and direction
•    Panic Attacks
•    Phobias and Fears
•    Procrastination
•    PTSD
•    Fear of Public Speaking
•    Relationship difficulties
•    Social Anxiety
•    Sports Performance
•    Trauma (Emotional & Physical)


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