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  • Starts 31 May
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Ten years back, on a regular day in my life of miserable matrimony and the crushing weight of a failing business during the recession, I found myself stirring a pot of risotto in the kitchen. In a sudden burst, I blurted out to my then-husband, "I can't do this anymore." That was the beginning of the end, the end of a decade trapped in a loveless marriage, sixteen years slogging away at a business I had lost all passion for, and a whole lifetime of people pleasing, all while believing I wasn't good enough. Thirty-six years just surviving, with a nagging question surfacing—was this even worth it anymore? ​Back then, I had no clue about the storms looming ahead, and maybe that's a good thing. Because if I had, I'm not sure I would've had the guts to face them willingly. Those five words I uttered set off a chain reaction, crumbling the world I knew and leaving me stranded in a pool of self-pity and bitterness. Betrayed by so-called friends, pushed around by my ex, and robbed of any sense of purpose or drive for the future, I started wondering if this was all life had in store for me. Was this as good as it gets?

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5 Kings Road, Coleraine, UK

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